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Drop arrester

Drop arrester

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Product Overview:
  The detachable arrester is a power distribution type zinc oxide arrester which is cleverly installed on the drop down mechanism of the drop down fuse after modification,Achieve in the case of constant electricity,It can easily detect, repair and replace the arrester with the help of the insulated pull lever, which not only ensures the smooth flow of the line, but also greatly reduces the work intensity and time of the power maintenance personnel,It is especially suitable for places that are not suitable for power outage, such as posts and telecommunications, airport stations, hospitals, bustling business districts, etc。The other performance of the product is the same as the distribution type arrester。
The second generation drop arrester adds a release device,When the arrester is abnormal and fails,Use the power frequency short-circuit current to make the disconnector operate,The ground end of the disconnector is automatically disengaged,Arrester element overturned,Exit operation to prevent further accident,It is easy for maintenance personnel to discover and replace in time,The rollover principle is similar to that of the fuse fuse that causes the melt tube to rollover。
Our company adopts RW12 type drop mechanism, reliable contact, flexible closing, and advanced accessories with stainless steel cover of composite pillar, which has the advantages of good pollution prevention and corrosion protection。The disconnector is hot melt type and hot explosion type. The hot melt disconnector is simple and economical. The hot explosion disconnector has the advantages of fast action speed, wide range of action current, and ability to withstand the specified current impact and action load。
The product performance meets the national standards GB11032-2000(eqv IEC60099-4:1991) "AC gapless metal oxide arrester", JB/T8952-2005 "AC system composite jacket gapless metal oxide arrester", GB311.1-1997 Insulation Coordination of High Voltage Transmission and Transformation Equipment。
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Product features:
■ Arrester unit can be loaded and unloaded at any time, especially suitable for places that are not suitable for power failure。
■ With a release device, the arrester unit can automatically tip over when the fault, exit the operation, to ensure the normal passage of the line。
■ Due to the failure of the unit to overturn to form a clear sign, easy to find, timely maintenance and replacement。
■ Lightning arrester adopts composite jacket, drop mechanism adopts composite pillar, good hydrophobicity and strong pollution resistance。
Conditions of use:
■ Ambient temperature: -40℃~+40℃;
■ Altitude is not more than 3000m;
■ Power supply frequency: 48Hz~62Hz;
■ Maximum wind speed does not exceed 35m/s;
■ Areas with seismic intensity 7 degrees and below。
Product electrical parameters:

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